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Create new gmail account

Gmail e-mail service goes a step ahead of others . This youtube, android, online documentation , Google drive , and integrates many services such as social networks . , Be ready to use your own e- mail account just follow some simple steps . First, go to the Gmail website and account ” click . ” Like other services , you will have to provide some information . Perhaps that is part  . Here you will have to write to address. E- mail addresses may appear since there are millions try to use something original . A finish it , “Next” button . Here at Google will be asked to select a picture for your profile , you can do it later if you want . Finally, the ” Start ” and click your Gmail account will be ready . Disallowed by Google as selecting some icons made ​​any mistakes , you will be asked to fix it . Enter a password if you have a short addition, Google may recommend changing more difficult .

Gmail Password Change

When you used a password to your Gmail account, this is very simple, we recommend you change your password . Account with a password that can be played very easily because it is simple . Especially in your password for your name, date of birth , the city you live , you would not use kit . They are the first to come to mind passwords, password can be played with ease . If you want to change your password on the top right of your Gmail account, log in and click the gear icon in the “Settings ” menu. Open the Accounts tab “Account settings” option. Here in the ” Change Password ” option . Save the window that opens, change the current password and the new password .

Delete Gmail Messages

E-mails in Gmail, how do I get rid of these messages say a lot  and urge you to read this article on . Delete button on the main page after logging in to your Gmail account, the messages to the Trash transport. A message from Trash permanently deleted automatically after 30 days or so . To delete a particular message in a conversation , click the down arrow next to the Reply option and select Delete this message . If you want to delete several messages at the top of the message or the entire message groups messages by using the toolbar , select the check box . ” Select all conversations ” and click the option to delete all your messages by clicking the Delete button . Thus, you will get rid of all incoming e -mails .